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Jiangsu University field visit research corporation

On August 9, 2023, Liu Jie, Vice minister of Graduate Work Department of Jiangsu University, Feng Chunlai, Vice president of School of Pharmacy, Ouyang Zhen, Vice president of School of Pharmacy, Lei Lei, deputy director of General Office of Graduate School, Xu Yuanhui, deputy director of Discipline Office of Graduate School, Shen Jiayi, General Office of Graduate School, and the contact person of provincial graduate work station visited the company and investigated the provincial graduate work station. Company chairman Geng Tongquan, general manager Jiang Shurong, chief engineer Zhu Wenying, quality director Xu Hui, assistant general manager Liu Qin and R & D center director Chen Xiajuan participated in the research activities.

The company conducts safety production standardization training

On the afternoon of June 21, 2021, the company's safety committee organized and carried out the 2021 safety production standardization training. The company's general manager, executive vice president, production vice president and safety committee members participated in the training.

Strengthen fire safety awareness,Strengthen the fire safety line of defense

In order to effectively strengthen the company's daily safety work, improve the fire safety quality of all employees, enhance safety precautions and self-rescue capabilities, and eliminate hidden fire safety hazards in a timely manner, on May 24, the company specially invited the special service squadron of Zhenjiang Fire Detachment to come to the company for fire emergency drills.

The company sent personnel to participate in the provincial QC group results release exchange meeting

From May 16 to May 18, 2021, Chen Xiajuan and Xu Hui from the Quality Control Center of Jiangsu 707 Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in the "42nd National Pharmaceutical Industry Quality Management (QC) Team Results" organized by Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association Announcement and exchange meeting".

Leaders of the Municipal Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association visited the company for investigation and guidance

On the afternoon of April 26, Shi Guoping, Chairman of Zhenjiang Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, Sun Daquan, Secretary-General, Xia Shengcai, Deputy Secretary-General, and Director Liu Qiang of the Municipal Drug Inspection Institute visited the company for research and guidance.

The company and Nanjing Longpan Stone Hospital launched a strategic cooperation [Zhenjiang Plaster+] Traditional Chinese Medicine Pain Relief Therapy

On April 23, 2021, Jiangsu 707 Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Longpan Stone Hospital held a [Zhenjiang Plaster+] Chinese Medicine Pain Relief Therapy Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony and a licensing ceremony for the clinical base.

Follow the footsteps of the Red Army, inherit the red gene, realize the original intention of the party, and gather the forge ahead

On April 18, the company’s general party branch organized party members, cadres and outstanding employees to the "Red Fourteenth Army Memorial" in Rugao, Nantong. The spirit of the Red Fourteenth Army of "sacrifice", comprehend the original intention of joining the party, inherited the red gene, and gathered the strength for advancement.

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