707 Zhenjiang Plaster

707 Zhenjiang Plaster

Product Description

Zhenjiang Plaster is a pure black traditional Chinese medicine preparation.

Black plasters are mostly used for compound medicines with strong odors. Percutaneous penetration forms a higher concentration in the affected area. The accumulation of high concentration must promote its strong passive absorption. The therapeutic effect of external application of clinical plaster plaster is obvious. Serious diseases cover many acupuncture points, intensively absorbed, fast onset, and highly curative.

The black plaster is a pure Chinese medicine external strong bone-penetrating patch, which has a large drug loading and a therapeutic effect that is 20 times that of the ordinary plaster sold by general pharmacies.

Zhenjiang Plaster Drink has a reputation of more than 340 years, and has been awarded the Excellent Product Certificate of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Provincial Ministry for three consecutive times.

The production and sales of Zhenjiang plaster take the lead in the national black plaster, occupying 60% of the market share, and has a broad market due to its accurate efficacy. Zhenjiang plaster has become a representative variety of traditional plaster type.


Development History of Zhenjiang Plaster

"Zhenjiang Plaster" originated from Centennial Wonderful Yizheng Plaster

The improved Zhenjiang plaster not only retains the traditional characteristics of "Yizheng plaster", but also adds functions and curative effects on the original basis.

Although Yizheng Gao has a definite curative effect, it has a huge prescription (79 flavored medicinal materials), and there are some shortages of medicinal materials, and its production is restricted, which cannot meet people's medication needs.

After careful analysis, screening, and improvement of Yizheng ointment prescriptions, some of the repetitive and overlapping adjuvant drugs were screened out, and the original medicinal materials were selected to reorganize the prescription, which was reduced from the original 79 flavors to 25 flavors and named For "Zhenjiang Plaster".

Innovated in the production process, such as the main role of medicinal herbs and aromatic volatile medicinal materials into powder and then directly added to the medicated fat, so that the effect is more significant.

The plaster meat is composed of 16 flavors of traditional Chinese medicine: black snake, Qianghuo, windproof, mustard, solitary, angelica, drunken peach, blood surplus, horse chestnut, ephedra, croton, angelica, safflower, trigonum, peach kernel, dung beetle.

The fine powder is composed of 6 traditional Chinese medicines: Shengchuanwu, Shengcaowu, Tiannanxing, cinnamon, soil turtle, and centipede.

Indications for removing wind and pain, relaxing muscles and activating blood circulation, removing swollen stasis and dissipating stasis.

Used for muscle and bone pain, bruises, hemiplegia, limb numbness, joint pain.

Product characteristics of Zhenjiang plaster

Zhenjiang plaster is a representative variety of traditional Chinese plaster, and it is a perfect fusion of ancient and modern crafts.

Explosives oil refining and Xiadan compound are all produced with modern fully enclosed, pipelined production lines. Through the improvement of production facilities, the health of the operators and the ecological environment are well protected. The temperature control during production is more accurate. The quality is more stable; the plaster is less toxic, and the irritation to the skin is greatly reduced.

On the basis of softening point detection, the quality control of Zhenjiang plaster has been improved, and the microscopic identification of grass worms, turtles, and centipedes has been added. The thin layer identification of borneol and menthol and the inspection of aconitine have been added. The quality of Zhenjiang plaster has reached a higher level


Indications for Zhenjiang plaster

Sprains, contusions, impact injuries, etc., with subcutaneous congestion, redness, and pain as the main symptoms.

Degenerative changes (pain caused by bone hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis), frozen shoulder, arthritis, chronic strain pain.

Hemiplegia caused by rheumatoid arthritis or wind-cold intrusion, numbness of limbs, and pain caused by cold limbs.

Cancer pain

The treatment of cancer pain with traditional Chinese medicine still adheres to the basis of syndrome differentiation and treatment, and the targeted adjustment and correction of the cold, heat, deficiency, and actual symptoms of cancer patients can not be ignored.

Dung beetles, trigonal and other soft and hard knots, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis are mainly to eliminate cancer.

Supplemented with Chuanwu, Caowu, etc. to help its Wenjing dissipate to relieve pain.

Varicose veins

There are three kinds of pathogenic factors for this disease: ①Insufficient righteousness leads to improper pulse; ②Cold evil, heat poison, wetness and turbidity invade the blood vessels of the lower extremities, causing qi and blood blockage, and impaired blood veins; ③Poor blood flow, blood stasis pulse.

Three kinds of factors can cause disease alone or in combination, and eventually lead to blood stasis and blockage in the blood vessel

Blood stasis is the root of the disease.

Precautions for the use of Zhenjiang plaster

Plasters often contain aromatic ingredients, so pregnant women should use them with caution, especially avoid sticking to the umbilicus, waist and abdomen.

If the skin is itchy or small red particles are generated after sticking, it is caused by the penetration of the drug force into the lesion to stimulate the skin. At this time, the plaster is temporarily peeled off. Use a hot towel to flick it. Do not scratch it. Wait until the itch stops.

After the plaster is applied, sometimes the affected area is more painful and sour or the bruise is red and so on. This is the phenomenon that the medical power will spread the latent disease source outward, and it will be relieved soon until it is eliminated. Please do not panic if this phenomenon occurs.

Take plaster and take other pills at the same time without any hindrance, treat spleen and other spleen symptoms such as stomach pain, etc., please avoid cold food; treat bone and bone disorders such as sore numbness, please do not suffer from cold, do not soak in cold water; cure skin diseases such as pimples and redness , Please avoid spicy smell food, and must pay attention to maintenance, to maintain a happy mood.

For any of the following diseases, such as pain and numbness in the upper arm, one can be attached to each of Jingjing, Quchi, Jianshi or Daling. All the pain and numbness of the leg can be posted at the points of ring jump, Zusanli, tarsal yang and Sanyinjiao. Partial pain and numbness can be posted on the most painful and numb.

Before affixing, plaster the plaster to the softness of cotton, turn it in and out, so that the area of the medicated oil is slightly enlarged, and then apply it. The joints can be wrapped with cloth to prevent movement.

Used with caution by athletes.

Video Introduction of Zhenjiang Plaster