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A delegation from the European and American Alumni Association of Jiangsu Province visited Jiangsu 707 Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

On the morning of March 18, 2021, a delegation from the Jiangsu Provincial European and American Alumni Association came to our company for investigation, mainly to investigate the service needs of the returnees of the company at the current stage.
Our company's assistant chairman Geng Shunyuan (student overseas) and executive vice president Zhu Pengfei accompanied the inspection.

Regarding the current returnees from studying abroad, how to play the role of "introducing talents", establish long-term interactions, reach mutually beneficial cooperative relations, and promote two-way overseas high-level talents and enterprises. At the meeting, they discussed their own ideas and suggestions around the operation of the enterprise's mechanism and role. Our company Geng Shunyuan suggested establishing a special committee of the "medicine and health care" system to effectively regulate industry behaviors, communicate with each other, and establish standards between industries. At the meeting, the next step of the work ideas were also exchanged, hoping to promote the two-way development of talents and enterprises through the agglomeration effect of the "European and American Student Association".

Finally, our company is grateful for the care and support given by the "Provincial European and American Student Association", and hopes that through the preparation of the establishment of an industry committee, we can further give full play to the return of overseas students in serving the society, economy, and promoting industry reform and development. effect.

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