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The first quarter work meeting of all marketing staff in 2021

From March 31 to April 1, 2021, Jiangsu 707 Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a first quarter marketing staff working meeting. The meeting was presided over by the company's general manager Jiang Shurong and led by Shao Xiang, deputy general manager of the marketing center.

The meeting reviewed and summarized the experience and lessons of the first quarter marketing work; detailed analysis of the completion of the first quarter work and insufficient work; detailed interpretation and analysis of the first quarter marketing performance. At the same time, training will be launched for the next quarter's marketing work to help everyone further deepen their understanding, improve marketing effects, and enable sustainable sales growth and new breakthroughs!

For the marketing work in the next quarter, General Manager Jiang Shurong put forward requirements:
In accordance with the requirements of "first-class varieties seeking scale, second-type varieties seeking breakthroughs, and characteristic varieties seeking development", the agency’s varieties are strengthened, [Zhenjiang Plaster+] TCM Pain Relief Therapy Project is accelerated and implemented, which further clarifies for all marketing staff Work goals and directions for the next quarter.

Through this meeting of all marketing personnel, we affirmed the achievements of the work in the previous quarter, summarized the shortcomings and gaps in it, and the most important thing is to provide a clear direction for the work of the next quarter. With the joint efforts of all marketing staff, we will definitely be able to reach a new level in the work of the second quarter!

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