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"Hebei Youth Daily" Yang Jizong: Create Life Value in the Lab

A high paying decent medical sales job and a low paying laboratory R&D job can only choose one of the two. Which one would you choose? I believe many people will choose the former, because the temptation of money seems to be greater.

A high-paying decent medical sales job and a low-paying laboratory R&D job can only choose one of the two. Which one would you choose? I believe many people will choose the former, because the temptation of money seems to be greater.

However, North China Pharmaceutical Laixin has such a front-line struggler. Facing the opportunity of high salary, he was unimpressed and decided to take the lead in technological research and became the mainstay of the enterprise. He is Yang Jizong, head of the R&D department of North China Pharmaceutical Laixin.

Yang Jizong is 33 years old and graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a major in pharmaceutical engineering. He has won honorary titles such as Jizhong Energy Group's "Advanced Individual in Science and Technology Innovation", North China Pharmaceutical Group's "Most Beautiful Struggler" and "Technical Model". Facing all kinds of temptations in the society, he can concentrate on his loyalty to his beliefs and use hard work to create one fruit after another, which is an example for young researchers.

Struggler · Choice

Rooted in the front line for five years, he exchanged rich work experience

Under normal circumstances, university graduates will be directly appointed as technicians and take up management positions after one year of job placement, but Yang Jizong did not follow such a "traditional" path.

In July 2010 and June 2013, Yang Jizong participated in the construction of the sterile raw material workshop of Huayao Huamin Co., Ltd. and the extraction workshop of the Laixin factory as a leader.

During construction, Yang Jizong and his colleagues were covered with soil on sunny days and mud on rainy days. On the first day of entering the site, colleagues were pinned through steel nails.

But the difficult environment did not scare him. In turn, he was very grateful for the opportunity to grow with the construction of the project. "I am willing to go to the production line to learn more, especially to catch up with the civil construction period of the enterprise. It is so rare. Even if I work overtime every day, even if I take the dirt on the bus and get cold eyes from other passengers after work, I am very happy." He "bubs" on the front line, and it takes 5 years to do it, every pipe, every equipment, every He is familiar with every procedure and every kind of craftsmanship, from taking the squad leader to the team leader, step by step into the management position.

Although it seems to have taken a detour, Yang Jizong has always been grateful for the accumulated experience in the field in those five years.

Recently, the reporter came to this company. In the laboratory where Yang Jizong worked, the reporter saw a striking slogan, "production bears experiment, experiment guides production." Yang Jizong said that this sentence is his personal experience of "buying" on the front line for many years. Experience, a lot of research and development inspiration comes from production. Drawing inspiration from production to testing practical value in production is also his working principle.

Struggle · Persevere

Facing the dilemma of the enterprise, he chose to stay and ask for research

For pharmaceutical companies, innovative R&D means efficiency and industry ranking, which is the lifeline of enterprise development.

In China Pharmaceutical, not only has the domestic first-class drug research and development team, but also has a product research and development pipeline, innovation studio, and research and development center that are famous in the industry.

As the newly established Chinese pharmaceutical subsidiary Laixin Company, some people once questioned what R&D can be done by an enterprise that produces intermediates. However, Yang Jizong answered confidently: "In Laixin, we not only have R&D, but also have R&D with little investment, few changes, quick results, and the most grounded air..."

There was a period of time when the enterprise's operating efficiency was not good, coupled with environmental protection pressure, production was stalled several times, and the longest stoppage was one year.

At that time, someone in the company chose to leave, and his classmates also recommended him a unit with good benefits. However, Yang Jizong not only chose to stay, but also actively applied to the laboratory to continue the experiment. "I grew up with the workshop, just like The twin brothers have the same spirit. I have a hunch that the company will get through the difficulties soon." This belief is like a force that guides him to move forward.

One effort and one harvest, Yang Jizong’s efforts were not in vain. The crystallization process he experimentally researched was finally put into production, and the impurity content of the product was reduced from 0.35% to 0.30%. "Don’t underestimate the progress of 0.05, such a small Step, the market competitiveness of the product has risen a big step."

Yang Jizong is a calm and tenacious person with a unique idea. His main job is to optimize production processes, improve product quality, and reduce corporate costs.

In his work, he is good at challenging traditions and can always put forward some "fancy" ideas. By optimizing the acylation process and enzyme washing process, he saved the company an annual enzyme cost of 1.5 million yuan. Under the pressure of environmental protection, he led the team to tackle the problem from the source. At present, in the small test, the ammonia nitrogen in the wastewater can be recovered by 80%. "This technology is being applied to the process. Once successful, it will greatly improve the environmental protection efficiency of the enterprise. "Yang Jizong said.

Struggler · Feelings

He is tired and happy when he is innovating in the laboratory

After passing through the workshop, the reporter walked into Yang Jizong's laboratory. The space is not large, and there are experimental utensils and facilities everywhere.

He sat in the resin experiment area, staring closely at the material in the column. Sometimes, it took more than an hour to sit like this.

Yang Jizong is not a man who wants to enjoy himself. He is never fussy about the working environment. In his words, "As long as I have enough experimental facilities, I can work and do experiments."

In fact, there are countless problems in the production of medicine, and they are all tricky. Yang Jizong leads his team to "race" with time, but he can always be busy and not chaotic, so he can "treat the disease" and "make the right medicine."

Checking information, running the scene, analyzing data, eating instant noodles, sleeping on the floor are all common things. However, Yang Jizong has no complaints about this work rhythm.

Last year, in order to increase market competitiveness, the company decided to add a new vitamin (VB12) pure product project. Yang Jizong volunteered to undertake the process verification work of the transformation project. After his unremitting efforts with the company's various professional teams, it took only 99 days to complete the transformation and a successful test drive. "We haven't seen vitamin B12 in the beginning. We really started from scratch, groping little by little, and finally successfully completed the transformation. This process is really not easy, but we are doing this." When we saw the first batch of pure products At the moment of production, Yang Jizong felt that everything was worth it.

Yang Jizong will wake up at 5 o'clock every morning, get on the bus at 6:30, come to the unit at 7:30, and stay in the laboratory for one day. The 4-year-old daughter often hangs her lips by saying: "Dad, when will you finish the experiment and go home?" Some friends often asked Yang Jizong to be tired, he replied: "Not tired, there is an'addiction', you can do it completely Forget about things around me. When I see some of my small transformations for production, the product indicators are getting better and better, and the employees are more and more convenient to operate, I feel that my existence is valuable, and my choice and persistence are also All make sense."

Yang Jizong immediately ushered in a ten-year party at the university. Some of his classmates received a high salary in sales and some engaged in first-level scientific research, but he didn't envy him at all. "Although I don't have as much income and social status as they do now, I don't think I'm worse than them. Earning 200,000 is not necessarily twice the value of earning 100,000." Speaking of which, his eyes There was light in it.

In Yang Jizong's view, doing R&D is not only work and interest, but also a kind of obsession and a feeling.

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