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Feng Shi Xi Tong Pian

It has 14 traditional Chinese medicine production lines including tablets, hard capsules, granules, pills, powder, syrup, dew, wine, decoction, plaster, tincture, cataplasm plaster, rubber plaster, and 72 national drug registration varieties

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Product Description

The company has obvious advantages in variety and dosage form resources. It has 14 Chinese medicine production lines including tablets, hard capsules, granules, pills, powders, syrups, lotions, wines, decoctions, plasters, tinctures, babu plasters, and rubber plasters. With 72 national drug registration varieties, it is one of the most natural pharmaceutical companies in the Chinese traditional medicine industry that retains and inherits traditional dosage forms. The company has a Chinese medicine pretreatment center, Chinese medicine extraction center, preparation center, external plaster production center, quality testing center, 707 (Zhenjiang) Science and Technology Innovation Park, etc., with a construction area of ​​50,000 square meters.

Product Center

Rheumatoid arthritis is mainly a systemic autoimmune disease with peripheral symmetric multi-joint chronic inflammation, which may be accompanied by systemic multi-system damage. The most frequently invaded part of RA is the small joints of the extremities, with a higher incidence and disability rate. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the global incidence rate is about 05% to 3%.

Rheumatism, commonly known as "muscle and bone pain" is a disease that generally endangers human health and is especially harmful to working people. Its symptom is a kind of chronic joint pain or numbness, even unable to move, and it becomes paralyzed. After years and months, the pain is abnormal.

Product Positioning: Pure Chinese medicine preparation with unique curative effect on rheumatic diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and stroke sequelae.

[Ingredients] Siegesbeckia orientalis L, stinking sycamore.

【Functions】Qufeng Tongluo. Used for rheumatoid arthritis or hemiplegia, essential hypertension.

【Usage and dosage】 Oral. 4 to 6 tablets at a time, 2 to 3 times a day.

【Specification】 Each tablet weighs 0.23g (equivalent to 1.1g of the original medicinal material)

【Packing】 60 bottles of plastic bottles.

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