Party & Union

Reelection of the company's trade union committee

In view of the expiration of the term of the third trade union committee, in accordance with the requirements of the "Trade Union Law", on January 18, 2020, the company convened the 4th Workers' Congress to conduct the general election of the trade union committee. According to the results of the election, nine people, including Cheng Jimin, Chen Xiaofang, Zhou Xinyuan, Zhou Yuan, Zhu Suxia, Geng Qiuxia, Chen Lixin, Liu Qin, and Deng Juan, formed the Fourth Trade Union Committee of Jiangsu 707 Natural Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Comrade Cheng Jimin served as the chairman of the trade union , Comrade Chen Xiaofang served as the vice chairman of the trade union. The meeting also elected a new funding review committee and a new women workers committee.

The company’s general party branch launches theme party day activities

To commemorate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, on the afternoon of July 16, the company’s general party branch launched a party day event with the theme of “Resolutely Maintaining the Core and Practicing the Original Mission”. Party members gathered in the company’s training center to review the party’s oath and strengthen their ideals. Belief; to learn and communicate and talk about corporate development. Comrade Zhu Pengfei, deputy secretary of the Party branch, guided the study of the relevant chapters of the "Party Constitution of the Communist Party of China" and the spirit of the "Two Sessions" throughout the country, and informed the party groups about the learning situation of "learning to make the country strong", inspiring the enthusiasm of party members and cadres to "learn to make the country strong" and "learn to make the enterprise strong" .

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