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707 Chinese Academy of Orthopaedics and Pain Research

The 2017 Global Pain Index (GPI) report surveyed more than 7,000 adults in 14 countries around the world. The results showed that 88% of the world's people are suffering from physical pain. China's figure is 94%, ranking third among the countries surveyed. Pain is different between China and foreign countries.

Different parts: Chinese people generally suffer from neck and shoulder pain, while in other countries it is the waist or lower waist. Secondly, the types are different: the world is mainly muscle pain, but Chinese people have both muscle and joint pain, especially those with heavy physical labor and the elderly. There are more patients with painful bone injuries.

The world puts the teaching of technology, helping clinics to build a pain specialty and cultivating a skill in the forefront. Because of the better curative effect, the spread effect is brought about. Because there are many patients, and the neglect of traditional Chinese medicine in treating painful bone injuries in recent years, pain patients cannot seek medical treatment.

The 707 Chinese Medicine Pain and Bone Injury Research Institute project is aimed at the current development opportunities in the medical and health industry, combining the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in health care, facing the booming medical and health industry market, and serving target customers with broad health needs The crowd is especially set up for people with pain and bone injuries. It reflects that Zhenjiang plaster, as one of the brands of the black plaster industry, continuously explores the efficacy of black plasters in the fields of pain, bone injury, etc., inherits and promotes authentic black plasters, traces the roots, and further enhances its influence.

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