The company held a "safe production month" activity launch ceremony

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This yearJune is the 22nd national "safe production month". On June 9, 2023, the company held the launching ceremony of the national "Safety Production Month" activity. The Ministry of Safety and Environment organized and announced the launch of the company's "Safety Production Month" activity in 2023 on behalf of the company's safety committee. All members of the safety committee, leaders of each center, heads of various departments and part-time safety officers attended.

At the launching ceremony, the publicity theme screen came into view. Tightly around The theme of "everyone talks about safety, everyone will respond to emergencies", promote the company to establish a strong concept of safety development, implement safety production responsibilities, deepen the special investigation and rectification of major accidents and hidden dangers, improve the safety awareness of all employees and the ability to avoid and escape, and effectively prevent and resolve major safety Risks, resolutely curb major accidents, and ensure development with high-level and high-quality safety.

The company's safety and environment department has carefully formulatedThe "Safety Production Month" activity plan, in-depth publicity and implementation of the party's twenty major spirits and interpretation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on safety production, earnestly implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and promote the company's centers, departments, and teams to be very clear, Very strong and very firm attitude to establish a firm concept of safe development.

At the launching ceremony, the organization watched the safety education warning film "Life is more important than Mount Tai" and the occupational health video "The Escort Agency of the Attack of the Workplace", and conducted the monthly knowledge examination of safety production to guide the whole staff to tighten the string of safety and build a strong ideological defense line.

For practical implementationDuring the "Safety Production Month" activity, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection carried out specific work arrangements: one is to carry out a fire safety knowledge training; the second is to carry out an emergency drill for chemical leakage accidents; the third is to carry out a safety hazard investigation by various departments; the fourth is The general manager is the team leader to conduct a comprehensive safety production inspection, focus on special investigation and rectification actions, enhance the ability of employees to investigate hidden dangers, and promote the "five leaders", that is, take the lead in organizing the enterprise to carry out the investigation and rectification of major accident hidden dangers, take the lead in implementing the post responsibility of all employees for safe production, take the lead in carrying out the investigation and rectification of dangerous operations such as hot work, take the lead in carrying out the investigation and rectification of production and operation activities such as outsourcing and renting, and take the lead in carrying out emergency rescue drills.

Through the above activities and arrangements, the company-wide promotion of the formation"Everyone talks about safety, everyone will be emergency" security environment, build a solid life firewall.

Safety is greater than the day, the responsibility is as heavy as a mountain. At the launching ceremony, everyone said that they should actively participate in it.The activities of "safe production month" are based on their posts, perform their duties and strictly abide by the bottom line of safety, turn "I want to be safe, I will be safe, I can be safe" into ideological and action consciousness, and create a safe and stable production environment for the company with practical actions.